Dynamically Typed

ClipDrop launches an API

I first covered Cyril Diagne’s AR cut and paste tool in May 2020 when it was a cool tech demo on Twitter, and then again when he productized it as ClipDrop in October. As a reminder, ClipDrop lets you take a picture of an object which it then segments (“clips”) out of the background so that you can paste (“drop”) it onto a canvas on your laptop in AR. Diagne has kept busy since the initial launch: he did Y Combinator, raised a seed round, and grew the team. ClipDrop now has 11,000 paying customers; it’s also launching a new web app and an API. (Register for access to the private beta here.) It’s another great example of AI enabling creativity software — see also Photoshop’s Neural Filters, Rosebud AI’s GAN photo models, all the Spleeter-powered apps, and of course RunwayML and Descript.