Dynamically Typed

RunwayML Green Screen

Runway ML, the “app store” of easy-to-use machine learning models for creators (see DT #18), added a new Green Screen feature, which it says is “[the] first real-time web tool for cutting objects out of videos. Using machine learning, it makes rotoscoping (a.k.a. masking) a lot faster and a lot less painful.” It looks very cool, but take their claim of being first with a grain of salt: Kaleido, the folks behind DT-favorite remove.bg, also launched an ML-powered automatic video background removal tool called unscreen earlier this year (#35). However, for Runway ML, Green Screen represents yet another well-integrated feature for their already extensive AI creativity product, which is not something unscreen can match as a single-use tool. Along with Photoshop’s new AI features (#51), this is yet another example of how quickly deep learning vision models are becoming easy to use for everyone.