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Fawkes image cloaking

‍Related: Fawkes is a new algorithm by Shan et al. that makes imperceptible changes to portrait photos to fool facial recognition: “ cloaked images will teach the model a highly distorted version of what makes you look like you.” The University of Chicago researchers wrapped Fawkes into a Windows and macOS app, and they claim that it’s 100% effective against the state-of-the-art models powering commercially available facial recognition APIs. As my friends who study computer security tell me, though, this is always a cat-and-mouse game: at some point, someone will figure out how to make a facial recognition model that’s robust against Fawkes; and then someone else will make a Fawkes 2.0 that’s robust against that; and then… But, at least for a while, running your photos through Fawkes should make them unrecognizable to most facial recognition models out there. Probably.