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FFRTranslate: Fon-to-French translation

As part of their earlier research project to translate Fon — a language spoken by two million people across Benin, Nigeria and Togo — to French, Bonaventure Dossou and Chris Emezue built FFRTranslate.com. They’ve wrapped their neural machine translation model into an easy-to-use website for translating back and forth between the two languages, and both the model and dataset are open-source on GitHub at bonaventuredossou/ffr-v1. Dossou and Emezue are both MSc students and they’ve so far paid for the server costs of this project out of pocket. They set up a GoFundMe and Paypal to help with the ongoing costs; I donated $20 through the latter and encourage you to also chip in if you can. (For Dutch readers: the iDEAL option on GoFundMe doesn’t work because the project isn’t Dutch, and the website silently fails if you try to use it.)