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#73: Merlin for sound-based bird identification, CCAI's big climate grant, and finger spelling with AI

Hey everyone, welcome to Dynamically Typed #73, a classic links issue. Today for productized AI I’ve got Merlin, an app for identifying birds by their calls; and an Oxygen Digital panel I joined on the future of AI-assisted coding. For ML research I found Stanford’s new Mistral language model training framework. For climate AI, I’m excited to share a thesis on datacenters and the energy grid that I got to co-supervise; also, Climate Change AI is launching a big new research grant. Finally, for cool stuff there’s fingerspelling.xyz, a web experience to help you learn to spell in American Sign Language.

In other news, this week I’m at an offsite with Dexter. We’re spending the week in a chalet in France, working most days and going for hikes and climbing on other days. Have I mentioned that we’re hiring?

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Artificial Intelligence for the Climate Crisis 🌍

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Cool Things ✨

Yours truly learning to spell “Love” on Fingerspelling

Yours truly learning to spell “Love” on Fingerspelling

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