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#65: Live (jargon) transcription in Microsoft Teams, the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act, and NVIDIA's AI Art Gallery

Hey everyone, welcome to Dynamically Typed #65; I’ve got a whole lot of links for you today. In productized AI, I covered the EU’s final proposal for its Artificial Intelligence Act, a new jargon-aware (!) live meeting transcription feature in Microsoft Teams, and the new AI-powered features in Google Maps. For ML research, I have links for a Fon-to-French online translator and a free 150-page geometric deep learning book. Finally, for cool things, there’s NVIDIA’s new AI Art Gallery and a great sci-fi short story by Andrej Karpathy. Happy Sunday!

Productized Artificial Intelligence 🔌

Machine Learning Research 🎛

I’ve also collected all 75+ ML research tools previously featured in Dynamically Typed on a Notion page for quick reference. ⚡️

Cool Things ✨

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