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#60: Google Pixel car crash detection, Model Search for TensorFlow, an a movie frame search engine

Hey everyone, welcome to Dynamically Typed #60. Two weeks after we were ice skating on the canals, spring has arrived in Amsterdam and I’m sitting on the roof, writing this issue in the sun after a great row this morning! 🌞🚣‍♂️

For productized AI, I wrote about the car crash detection feature on Google’s Pixel phones, and about an NYT article on Exposing.AI, a tool that traces facial recognition datasets back to their Flickr origins. For ML research, I’ve got a cool new open-source AutoML tool from Google called Model Search, plus three new long reads from Distill. Finally, for cool things, I found an ML-powered website that lets you find movie screenshots based on the objects in them.

Productized Artificial Intelligence 🔌

Machine Learning Research 🎛

Cool Things ✨

Searching for “clock” on Film.

Searching for “clock” on Film.

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