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#53: Runway ML's Green Screen, new tools from EMNLP, and tracking illegal cattle farming with AI

Hey everyone, welcome to Dynamically Typed #53! It has one again been a very busy two weeks on my news feeds, so let’s dive straight in.

For productized AI, Runway ML launched the first (well, maybe) web-based automated video background removal tool; and Apple open-sourced a fork of TensorFlow 2 optimized for their new M1 Macs. On the ML research side, I read a very cool new Distill paper about understanding vision in reinforcement learning agents; GitHub is embracing fast.ai’s nbdev; and two great new resources came out of the EMNLP 2020: a 274-slide tutorial on high-performance NLP, and the Language Interpretability Tool (LIT). Next, for climate AI, a new paper accepted to the CCAI track at NeurIPS 2020 uses high-resolution satellite imagery to track illegal cattle farming; and Google’s AI blog has a feature about their Tree Canopy Lab. Finally, in cool things: the NYT created an amazing interactive story about GAN-generated fake faces; and Google engineers used GANs to create fantastical creatures.

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I’ve also collected all 75+ ML research tools previously featured in Dynamically Typed on a Notion page for quick reference. ⚡️

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