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#47: Facebook's AI Red Team, predictions of future AI crimes, and TensorFlow's new TF-Coder tool

Hey everyone, welcome to Dynamically Typed #47! I was on holiday the past two weeks—hanging out with my family for the first time since the start of the pandemic—so today’s newsletter is a bit shorter than usual. That means no feature stories, but lots of quick links! For productized AI, I’m covering Facebook’s AI Red Team, future AI-enabled crime, and Voyage’s new G3 car. For ML research, I’ve got TensorFlow’s new TF-Coder tool, Google’s new efficient language model for question answering, and an analysis of datasets available on Google’s Dataset Search. Finally, for cool stuff I have a link to Mozilla’s new Black AI art fund.

Productized Artificial Intelligence 🔌

Machine Learning Research 🎛

I’ve also collected all 70 ML research tools previously featured in Dynamically Typed on a Notion page for quick reference. ⚡️

Cool Things ✨

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