If you’re staying quiet, you’re telling the world you think this is all okay

Reposted from Facebook:

I know I’m screaming into an echo chamber here, but Trump’s decision to, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, sign an executive order that blocks immigrants and refugees from middle eastern countries (or at least the ones that he doesn’t have hotels in) from entering the United States is disgusting, racist and wrong.
If you’re American and you feel the same as I do, say something, and don’t let that pathetic demagogue be the loudest voice coming out of your country. Because the rest of the world is listening, and we’re appalled.

Although I lived in the U.S. for four years (and loved it), I’m not a citizen so there’s not much I can do beside asking you — you — to speak up and call your representatives.

Don’t let the rest of us believe that he and his actions the past week represent American values.

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